Summertime Parties; Reality vs Fantasy

I absolutely adore summertime in New Orleans. I love the long humid days, the sticky nights, and that mysterious smell of the Mississippi and jasmine and slight decay that is most present during the warmest months. Considering how devoted I am to the months June-September, it should be no surprise that I also adore summer parties. Although the reality of outdoor events during the summer usually involves plastic coolers of beer, half inflated pools, and only marginally charming rooftops or small courtyards, in my mind all of these parties are picturesque with amazing decorations, goodie bags, and inspired food and drinks.

My dear friend just left for a long (too long if you ask me) trip to Fiji, and she had a courtyard party of the half inflated pool variety and drinks that were served in coconuts. A fellow guest noted that although drinking out of a coconut sounds like the best idea ever, in reality it was much like drinking out of an armpit. I’m just going to file away getting coconut hair up my nose (due to the lack drinking straws) as a learning experience, and move on. 

Despite evidence to support the case that the stream of glorious pictures on websites and blogs of perfect summer moments is stuff of fiction enhanced by romantic soft lenses, photoshop color tinting, and the fact that the chaos of reality is conveniently cropped out of the perfect frame, I love the fantasy nonetheless. These photos from Sara’s Party Perfect totally support that fantasy. Looking at these pictures earlier today I found myself entertaining ridiculous fantasies about perfect garden parties featuring color coordinated finger food. Behold:




I think I’m going to try tying spoons to serving cups with satin ribbon later and see how it looks… 






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