Keep Calm and Wobble On

New York is beautiful in its own way in the summertime. Sometimes it takes a little shift in perspective to let you see that. I just got away for a weekend on Fire Island – it was all barefoot bike rides; lazy lolling on the beach; collecting shells; cooking great big dinners with friends and family of steamed lobster, peach salsa, grilled corn, snap pea salad; comparing wines after sunset; smiling. A lot of smiling.

But while that weekend away recharged me in a way every New Yorker knows they need from time to time, I wouldn’t appreciate that idyllic place in the same way if it weren’t for all of the action the city sees when the weather gets warm. Everyone is happy to come out from their air conditioning for at least a bit to check out some of the many cool events going on around town this time of year.

One such event I recently attended was the Gowanus Studio Space Jello Mold Competition. Amazingly enough, this is an annual occurrence, and the entries are quite impressive every year! I went to support my friend Hugh Hayden, who makes very cool designer ant farms among other things when he’s not molding the jiggly stuff. I was happy to have arrived on the early side, before the gelatin started melting with the summer heat and the crowded room. My cameraphone photos aren’t doing it justice, but I found this video documenting the competition, which gives a great sense of the range of projects entered.

They just posted this year’s winners, which were definitely all stand-outs, here. The bloody mary flavored virgin Mary statues were perfectly spicy. The colored cups were made from agar agar – a bit squishy and slimy but so cool to hold!



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