Crystal Gregory

Last week, Crystal Gregory spoke about her work at Fair Folks NYC for our first artist talk evening.   We had a fantastic crowd, Crystal was lovely and eloquent, and I just can’t wait until the next one! (Speaking of, please come by on Wednesday, August 11, at 7pm to hear the artist Wanda Ewing.  More on this soon!)  Crystal’s pieces on view include works from her dry wall panel series, delicately incised with lace patterning.  The contrasts in her art reflect the dichotomies between domestic interiors and architectural exteriors, nostalgia and modernity, fragility and strength, and femininity and masculinity.  The work is still installed, so please email to make an appointment to come by and see it for yourself. In the meantime, check out these great shots by Crystal’s sister Amber (this family is so talented!):


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