Where you goin’ riding boy?

Here is a list of 20 great cities, excluding New York and New Orleans, and the reasoning.

1. Philadelphia – It looks great on a birth certificate, other than that, well, the cheesesteaks.

2. Florence – Every American male should live in Florence for six to eight months in between the time he thinks he knows what he wants to do with his life until the time he learns he knows he doesn’t. I arrived in Florence wanting to be a writer, and left a megalomaniac.

3. Lima – Street side anticuchos.

4. Los Angeles – If ever there was a town to sleep late in hotels this is it.

5. Santorini – Great greek salads.

6. Nashville – Nowhere else can you learn so much in so little time about gin rummy, country music and John Madden football.

7. Bratislava – Once upon a time the MAXIMUM amount of money you could take out of an ATM was 2 dollars 63 cents.

8. San Remo – Do you even like Jazz?

9.  Mobile – The most romantic town around…..around Alabama.

10. Charleston – Bill Murray owns the minor league baseball team.

11. Buenos Aires – Steak and speed element abound.

12. Amsterdam – Beautiful flowers and canals.

13. Venice – Beautiful glass and canals.

14. Lugano – The only place where I’ve actually left a casino in the black.

15. Knock – There is a shrine to the Virgin Mary, and my great-great- grandfather’s grave twenty feet from one another.

16. Atlanta – Well, I’ve never been, perhaps once but I was so engulfed in the OE, I hardly made it through the door.

17. Cabo – Whale watching, catamarans, and tequila.

18. Munich – Beer wenches and hot dogs with mayo, sweet ketchup.

19. Rome – Like Philadelphia with spaghetti. (I stole that quote from Orson Welles.)

20. Montreal – Do you even like Jazz?

Until next time,



3 responses to “Where you goin’ riding boy?

  1. Tampa? where you can get a lap dance,a taco and a car wash within 15 feet.

  2. You get the hardest props for the spottieottiedopalicious reference. Jah Bless.

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