Fight Night

I got a call from my good friend Dan Lawton last night telling me to get in a cab and head uptown because there were some amateur boxing matches taking place in a parking lot.  He also made me aware that for the price of admission, i would be able to drink as much High Life as i wanted.  As i fancy myself a lover of both drink and sport, i phoned a cab.


My cab driver was an older, southern version of this guy (who i miss dearly)

When i got there, Dan was already inside.  The line was around the block, but moved quickly thanks to a yoked dude and some girls who had the money/bracelet shuffle down to a fine science.

Dan was right about the beer, which was located in self serve kegs at a dozen different locations on the grounds.

Some people wanted to see the fight, but didn’t want to pay.  Which is understandable.  Personally, it didn’t feel like i was paying for a fight so much as the unlimited beer.

This chap was nice enough to play the star spangled banner on his trumpet for us which was a delight.  At the end of the song everyone started singing along, which, along with world cup, are two of my favorite times to feel patriotic.

No one told me the lead singer from MGMT was going to fight!  How exciting!

Versus this guy:

The announcer.

Sweep the leg!

MGMT lost this match, but put up a pretty good fight considering he was on LSD and had a show to play in an hour.

Dan was writing a story for the city paper about fight night.  And although he has never specifically told me this, I assume him to be also working on a big story about attractive women based on the amount of time he spends interviewing them and telling them he’s a writer.

The between fight entertainment was a delicate blend of jazz, ballet, and modern styles

This guy doesnt know it yet because he’s staring at a woman’s thigh, but he’s about to be knocked unconscious.

By this guy

These gents were brushing up on their punching and scowling  skills, both of which are key in boxing.

Daniel Lawton: Independent Journalist, Pro Se Specialist

This kid was the best boxer of the evening.  He was really really fast.  Like lightening fast.  When asked why he started boxing, his response was, “when my father was shot and killed i started getting into a lot of fights.  This way i can still fight and stay out of trouble.”  Very polite individual, much respect for this young lad.

Sweaty cop  wants to be your buddy.

This guy warmed up with his eyes closed, which at the time seemed really intense.

The beer ran out eventually, leaving me feeling very cheated.  A feeling that was exacerbated by my drunkenness.

The DJs

Discarded crotch protector on the curb, never again to protect genitals

Where the fighters train – Freret Street Boxing Gym

After leaving the boxing match, Dan and i spent our remaining dollars on tacos.  The taco stand had some pretty swanky napkins.

This guy lost his fight, but he has Jesus Christ abs so there is still reason to celebrate.


3 responses to “Fight Night

  1. Everybody knows MGMT are lovers, not fighters.

  2. I saw video of those dancing girls somewhere… maybe the Dirty Coast guys posted it on Twitter? Pretty cool…

  3. This is in my neighborhood and I just found out about it a few months ago. I’m definitely going to be there for the next fight.

    Oh yea and that last guy’s abs are incredible. He’s like the Dirty South “Situation”.

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