Finger Lick ‘n Wings

Today we had a visit from an ambassador for local dining experience “Finger Lick ‘n Wings”, and I was once again amazed at the local culture here in New Orleans and how some of most basic cultural staples or sayings can vary from other places I’ve called home.  “I’m going to make groceries”, instead of “I’m going grocery shopping.”  “I’m watching my stories”, instead of “Shut up I’m watching my soaps.”  And the list goes on.

My most recent  discovery is definitely my favorite though.  As it turns out, wet naps are banned not just in the city New Orleans, but in all of Louisiana (hence the reason one is supposed to wash with a lemon after a crawfish boil).  And since crawfish isn’t the only food that leaves the hands sullied with the most savory of sauces and juices, the locals have come up with a rather exciting and innovative way to deal with eating chicken wings.

Given the statewide wet nap ban, local wingeries over the years have offered a suite of services to clean hands post-gorging, however Finger Lick ‘n Wings swears by their method, which lives up to their name and offers the oral stylings of the employees to finish the job.   After polishing off a meal at Finger Lick ‘n Wings, the customers are encouraged to approach any of the staff members and insert their dirty hands directly into their mouths in order to remove excess sauce, grease, or blue cheese dressing.  With the success of this technique, they adopted the logo of a beautiful winged finger, golden with flavor, rushing its way right towards the cashiers mouth (implied).

Originally titled Finger Lick & Wings, the owners eventually abbreviated the ampersand to an apostrophe and lowercase “n” to reflect the more casual atmosphere of the restaurant.


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  1. bully good article! bravo, good sir!

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