Studio Visit in Omaha

I paid one of our Fair Folks artists, Wanda Ewing, a studio visit in Omaha this past weekend.*  We are lucky enough to have her incredible work at both of our locations, and next week she’s giving an artist talk for us in New York.  I got a preview in her studio, and I just can’t wait.  Wanda’s sometimes humorous subjects, and always alluring tactile surface treatments, draw the viewer into her world where they find contemporary fashion models and 50s pin-up girls—icons of Caucasian beauty—transformed with African-American features.  I was already familiar with her smaller work, but during my visit I got to see her enormous canvases which are breathtaking!  I have one of her Wallflower prints over my couch, but I am SO SAD I don’t have the space for a 84 inch painting!  The colors are bold and delicious, the subjects are beautiful and sensuous, and the compositions, reminiscent of Matisse, make you want to stare for hours. Some day.  In the meantime, I’m looking forward to installing more of her work in the gallery next week, and to hearing her talk.  If you’d like to come by for a casual meet & great on Sunday, August 8, any time between 2-5pm, or on Wednesday, August 11, at 7pm for her talk, please email:

*One might wonder what had brought me to the great state of Nebraska, if you didn’t know it was my family’s ancestral homeland and the site of our annual family reunion. Picture 25 of my closest relatives swarming a Cornhusker gear store trying on cornhead hats, ritualistic comparison of our strikingly similar feet, and the eating of beef.


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