A Backlogged Post About Backcombing

Nail art seems to be having a quiet moment. It’s been around for some time, thank goodness, and there are devotees to the ten tiny canvases most of us are naturally blessed with (twenty if you count feet, too!) already well established. Vena Cava recently posted these beauties to their blog, and I’ve seen it blogged and re-blogged again since, so something is in the air.

I myself have a pretty freakin’ awesome manicure (but lack the photo evidence). Buff painted nails with tiny red polka-dots splayed across each nail in a variety of patterns.This is thanks to what we dubbed Beauty Night from just last week at Fair Folks, New York.

There were 80’s inspired graphic treatments, Deco designs, and even a tabby cat pattern with a tiny tabby face on one single nail. Sweet! With nowhere specific to take our new looks, no expectations, we could just sort of let our creative team go nuts on the nail, hair, and makeup front.

And they did.

Hair was high, makeup was bright.

Amy and I were sure to get our own extreme looks. I, sadly, missed out on makeup. But the sheer dimension of my hair made up for it.

Many thanks to Leila Manion and Tiffany Kristina for amazing hair stylings, Julia Dalton-Brush for makeup magic, and Laura Helmer for the aforementioned manicures.

And we wouldn’t be bringing you these portraits and candids without Joseph Meloy and his photographic finesse.


One response to “A Backlogged Post About Backcombing

  1. You made me feel bad for people who are missing fingers.

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