Spring Room Rates Promotional Code (Get Down On It)

Sorry, sorry, so rush, so rush these days. I did, apologies, simply edit this post from the summer, rather than write a new one.  The important thing is to make all our digital friends aware of the fact that we still have rooms available for Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, and we want to offer a discount.


(Everything in this picture is for sale. Except my book. Which I am happy to let you borrow when I finish with it.)

Do you ever get tired of sleeping in your own bed? I do. So much sometimes that I used to sleep in beds that I really shouldn’t have.  Nowadays I’m all grown up and so well behaved that when the urge to escape overwhelms I just sleep on my couch, which isn’t even a couch. It is a chaise lounge. I am not so tall so it fits me. Sort of. I wouldn’t say it is comfortable, but I am a sound sleeper that once in awhile goes down easy enough with shoes and belt still on- and then I get a leftover line on my belly that’s not attractive. At all. And it sort of hurts. Anyway, if you are tired of sleeping in your own bed (don’t go home with her/him just cause!) we offer ours down here in New Orleans. There are a million reasons to visit Frenchmen Street and our new sheets from Dwell offer one more.

(100% Cotton Sheets, 400 Thread Count, 260 dollars.  We supply new ones upon purchase in plastic- that’s the concept)

They’re very soft and the designs are all super duper. I have only felt the Dwell sheets with my hands while making the bed. I have not slept in them. I am not allowed. It is one of the many rules, such as not smoking indoors or eating Indian food in the ballroom that I have learned to live with at the behest of the ladies who keep things shiny and bright around here. But you can sleep in them. You can’t smoke indoors though. Sorry about that. We have a garden down here for all your vices. Maybe not all of them, but some of them, like for instance smoking. And cursing. There is no cursing inside our locations either. You’ll have to take that outside. That is my rule. I have just always felt that people use curse words when they are too lazy to find the word they actually mean. And angry people. No angry people inside Fair Folks- that is somewhere in the bylaws.

This will be your bathtub if you decide to stay with us. It has claw-feet.

(Shower curtain, and bathmat ALSO for sale. It just keeps going on and on folks!)

Starting today, as soon as this post goes up, we are offering summer discounted spring rates until the end of the week after next to stay with us as long as you supply the secret password. The secret password will be given at the end of this post (only for the sake of suspense), because we figured it was time to show some love to our digital amigos.  Love? That is kind of a funny way to put it. Nothing says love like saving a few bucks. Can’t buy me love and all the rest. I don’t know. I like that Billie Holiday song, “I can’t give you anything but love” best. Of her songs I mean. Also “On the sentimental side” is a good one too.

(Well, the toilet paper is not for sale. That comes with the room gratis. But if you really like the toilet paper holder, we can strike a deal.)

(Context Museum Bench goes for 465, and AreaWare, Harry Allen, My Brother’s Frame goes for 190 bucks. It will be hung in that spot by the time you get down here.)

Our secret password is………………..Goats will eat anything Fair Folks & a Roast

See you in New Orleans sometime soon hopefully,



One response to “Spring Room Rates Promotional Code (Get Down On It)

  1. Beautiful! It just looks so cozy. Now you guys need some reviews on TripAdvisor. (I’ve found that’s where the spa I help with gets a large chunk of referrals.)

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