Film Review: The Switch

The Switch

This picture (above) I found online is from a newspaper in the UK, and it says September 1st, but if you live in New York, and probably LA, the film has already premiered. I know this to be true in New York because I went and saw this tonight- right after I had a cheeseburger and cheese fries and a Shackmeister Ale from the new Shake Shack on 86th, which surprisingly, didn’t have a really long line around 4:30. I wasn’t intending on going to the movies, but when I realized this was playing I rushed to buy tickets to the 5:50 show. I had about a half hour to kill, and just dilly dally’d in the Duane Reade across the street because it was raining, and I didn’t have an umbrella. Usually on Sundays, I eat a big spaghetti dinner to prepare myself for the week ahead, but today I didn’t eat anything but birthday cake all the way out in Sag Harbor in the morning, and because of traffic getting back into the city had to rush to a two o’clock meeting in Carnegie Hill about exciting developments in New Orleans and after that was over I was pretty famished and figured a cheeseburger was a quicker solution than boiling water, grating cheese, etc, etc.

Back to the film. First off, my old buddy, old pal Jordan Pope-Roush worked very long, very dedicated hours on this film last year here in New York. He worked in many different facets of the production from very small things to very big things as the assistant to the directors, Will Speck and Josh Gordon.  When he was here we got into plenty of trouble and had all sorts of good times and watching the film it helped me recall some of those times and when I had the chance to visit him and the set, like outside of the Apple Store, and another time out in front of the subway near Grand Central, and a bunch of times down in the Village, which is where a lot of it was shot, and he lived during his stay here. Another interesting bit of this film’s history is that when they were finishing the sound editing they happened to do all of the post production in New Orleans and that was during the time I was first down South looking at our house and deciding whether or not we should take the plunge and set up shop. Again, Jordan and I got into all sorts of trouble, and amazingly I was granted access to some of their recording sessions that as an outsider were a real treat. There is a funny story in there about Bob French but too long for the blog. We didn’t really get into that much trouble actually. I think one night we stayed at the Royal Sonesta jazz club until it closed, and then got caught in the rain running around town with married tourists. Or something like that. No real damage. Although, I’m pretty sure I ended the night with a crawfish omelette at Harrah’s that I can’t whole heartedly recommend.

Some highlights from the film include Jessica Joffe on the subway. How many girls have you seen on the subway that look like Jessica Joffe? I have seen maybe four in 6 years. Another highlight is during a scene in Cafe Cluny- which has terrific egg sandwiches, and bathroom interior design- they play Sea Green See Blue by Jaymay, whom I happened to know and eat chinese food with a couple times way back when I was stumbling around Fiesole and Florence looking for god knows what and she was playing in the piazzas. After I moved to New York, I found out she was playing at the Sidewalk Cafe on Avenue A, and this must have been 2003 or 2004, and I would go watch her there. She is still playing in New York, and all over, and if you ever have the chance to go see her, I encourage you to do so.

Some other highlights are Jennifer Aniston’s apartment on Riverside Drive and scenes with Jeff Goldblum. If you like Jeff Goldblum. I do. So when I see him on screen I enjoy it. My friend Jordan is in a quick scene in the end- which to be honest I missed, but I plan on watching the film again to try to catch it. I have a feeling this movie will be on TV a bunch in the future. I, currently do not have a TV, but I am working on that with Time Warner. Also, Juliet Lewis is in this film, and she is always good in everything she is in.

Long and short, go see this film. I’m not sure I am the target audience, because I’m not yet at the age where the idea of purposefully having a child makes good, clear, honest sense. That being said, I still enjoyed the hour and a half, and had a handful of laughs. But one thing I do not suggest, is getting a large popcorn and large cherry coke. I still feel terrible from that. And it was 13 dollars 50 cents.

Bon soir,



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