The Sun Gets Low; Some Things To Come

The seasons are changing.

It may be early to sign summer’s death certificate; this is New Orleans after all, and I’m sure we’ll see days of effortless sweating well into October.  But I’ve been feeling a bit of autumn’s breath at the back of the summer winds in the last few days. The sun seems a little more fatigued than it did a month ago, when it seemed to laugh at us from well before noon until just after dinner time. The bastard sleeps in these days, hanging out behind the clouds until lunch time, and clocking out earlier, letting rain clouds pick up the slack until the moon shows up for the graveyard shift.

I’m not complaining. As much as I cringe at the forethought of cold days to come, I like when the nights are longer and a man doesn’t look crazy having a scarf tied in exotic fashions around his neck. I enjoy retiring my $3 Walgreens flip-flops as much as I enjoy having an excuse to put them on again in May (though the editors of certain men’s publications would argue I never have that excuse; I tell myself those men are calloused in all the wrong ways).

The cloudy days have given me good excuse to spend hours inside. I split my time between plotting future evenings of wonderment in the Fair Folks house while listening to ‘Abby Road’, and painting our back rooms  while listening to Swedish dance music. I drink selfish amounts of tea. I smoke a fanciful cigarette on the porch and tell the neighbors to come-on-in.

The oppressive temperatures of our summers here keep some things from getting done (understatement? You decide). But that’s okay. Its a 3-5 month excuse to lounge. I certainly took advantage of that excuse, spending many hours in basketball shorts and ripped t-shirts, sipping coconut juice and making breathing look like work. But with the sun going into its limited work week, its time to get down to business. Make some things happen. And boy, are they going to happen.

For starters, the FF movie nights are getting back into full swing. Kicking off the festivities is ‘A Prophet (Un Prophete)’, the much-buzzed about French nominee for Best Foreign Film at this year’s Oscars. I had first heard of ‘A Prophet’ a few months ago, when I read a glowing review in The Atlantic. It said that not only did ‘A Prophet’ spark such a controversy in France that Nicolas Sarkozy made a public address about it; the review claimed the film had single-handedly breathed new life into the crime noir genre.  I had almost forgotten about it until one night last week, when I made a stop at the Shell station on St. Claude Ave., where there’s a nice man who sells bootleg DVDs out of his trunk. Long story short, I got to see ‘A Prophet’, it’s a masterpiece, and I’ll be proud to show it to our friends this coming Thursday.

In addition to movie nights, the long-awaited and tentatively titled Unlicensed Therapy Wednesdays will be kicking off soon. We’ll be inviting our friends and neighbors to come by the house once a week and receive completely unqualified mental and emotional advice from doctors Theo and David. Having your session filmed will be entirely optional and aggressively encouraged.

And further on in the fall, there’s film maker nights, where anyone with any interest in any aspect of film-making will be invited to participate in the making of a short film every week (ambitious, I know). Keep an eye on next year’s Oscars for our entry in the short form categories….

But above all, I’m most excited (and hence, most anxious) about one particular event: The 2010 New Orleans Exposition of Inventions and Oddities, taking place November 13th. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I will say that at least two dead celebrities will be in attendance, a pink unicorn will make an appearance, and there will be underwear for dogs available for purchase. And something called a “monostachacle”.

So, despite fewer hours of sunlight, there is much to do now. Its time I buckle down, brew some tea, and put on some music. Until next time, folks.


“Everything is funny until someone takes it seriously.” -Wylie Hoffman

“And then it’s hilarious.” -Hassan Allen


One response to “The Sun Gets Low; Some Things To Come

  1. Breathing during the summertime in New Orleans IS work.

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