It’s A Sign

Yesterday was a very exciting day here at FF&G New Orleans. In addition to the thrilling daily observations of our fledgling pigeons (who are almost ready to leave the nest!) our front porch got some extra action; Skylar came and installed the sign that he recently made for us.

Like any proud parents we made all sorts of obnoxious cooing sounds at it and played peek-a-boo with our bundle of joy.

Installing it was a surprisingly quick and easy process. Especially for me, since I just took pictures.

We talked about how beautiful the sign is for pretty much the rest of the day. We even walked to the other side of our street to admire it.

In other very important goat news, Molly the St. Roch dairy goat had her babies! This Sunday there will be a baby shower with ice cream and lemonade. I’ll be sure to get some pictures so we can all have heart attacks from the epic cuteness.




One response to “It’s A Sign

  1. OH, the sign is indeed beautiful! Congrats, guys.

    And congratulations to Molly! I wish I were well enough to celebrate.

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