Something’s Not Quite Right Here

We are getting so excited about “Something’s Not Quite Right Here,” the exhibition opening at Fair Folks in New York on October 6.  It’s guest curated by the lovely and talented Jenna Wainwright who has selected 14 artists with work of disorienting perspectives, slight oddities, and comic strangeness.

We don’t want to give away too much, but here’s a sneak peak of one of our favorite pieces.  It’s by Bedel Tiscareno, an accomplished artist with multiple solo exhibitions under his belt.

Jenna, by the way, is the former owner of Barometer, a gallery in Chinatown which closed its doors in 2009. Barometer regularly hosted a group of artists and craftspeople to collaborate on various projects, merging the talents of ceramicists, painters, costume designers, and metalsmiths. She has brought this loose affiliation of artists together again for “Something’s Not Quite Right Here,” and we at Fair Folks just can’t wait.

Mark your calendars for the opening on Wednesday, October 6, 6-10pm!


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