Making a movie is hard.

Last night at 5pm, history was made.

One by one, filmmakers of every discipline entered the doors at 2116 Chartres to partake in the inaugural evening of Fair Folks & a Goat Presents: Verité Films. What in the world is Verité Films, you ask?

Verité Films is an evening for filmmakers, actors, writers, and anyone else interested in the business of making movies to get together and, well, make a movie. The concept is this: every other Tuesday at 5 (New Orleans time, which means somewhere after 5 but before 7), everyone shows up at Fair Folks & a Goat. Together, we all throw in ideas for a genre. Anything, save porn, is up for grabs. Drama, comedy, western, rom-com, horror, suspense… name it. We’ll be throwing all the ideas in the proverbial hat and picking one out. Once that is done, we’ll move on to writing a short script (5-10 minutes long) that fits the chosen genre. Whoever writes the script gets first dibs on directing. If they don’t want to direct, the position is up for grabs. Then we cast the roles based on who is present and willing to be on camera. Next, we pull wardrobe from our dear, sweet friend Bernadette at the Decatur Street Clothing Exchange. And then we make a movie. Whoever is the chosen editor then has a week to turn the footage into something cohesive for the viewing public.

As a mediocre writer, a barely competent actor, and egotistic film-buff, it’s a dream come true. Every position, from leading actor to director, grip to screenwriter, is open to anybody who wants it. None of that pesky “experience” or “know-how” required. But back to last night.

Everyone was arriving to make a film. There was Franklin Fehrman, the award-winning director of Green Gardens (beware this link; there is brief, hilarious, full-frontal nudity); Ted Moree, who directed our Unlicensed Therapy Promo; Dave Rhodes, the guy who makes these shoes; Dave Maleckar, who writes this blog; Alma Maleckar, who painted all of these; Karina Nathan, who makes murkin panties; and Dan Lawton, who looks like this.

We’re working off of a script that yours truly wrote. I don’t want to give much away, but it involves a butler being used as a table, a scene ripped off from Easy Rider, a man eating a flower, and Dan Lawton drinking chardonnay. But I’ve got to say- this movie-making is tough stuff. You think that you have a story, a camera, and some friends, and it all just falls into place. But no. There are costumes to be chosen, checks to be written, food to be provided, sets to be dressed, fake mustaches to be applied, and coaching to be given. And that’s all before the first take!

And those actors- boy, are they whiny.

But there’s more to do. We’re shooting four scenes today. One involves a football, and two involve guns.

So keep your eyes right here for news of upcoming Verité Films events. Starting in October, we’ll be burning ourselves out every two weeks! Come join us.


Until next time folks,



“Everything is funny until someone takes it seriously.” -Wylie Hoffman

“And then it becomes hilarious.” -Hassan Allen


4 responses to “Making a movie is hard.

  1. When’s the next one?

  2. I wish I had heard about this earlier, my boyfriend does film. I just mentioned it to him and he’s sorry he missed out. Next one is October 5 I’m assuming?

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