Up to the highest heights!

I was in Atlanta today. Just for an hour or so in the airport, but it has been awhile and I had a good look at it as we landed, downtown, the surrounding suburbs and all those paved roads and all. My Uncle Bill lives there, a little out of town. I thought about him, the time he took me to a Braves game, a foul ball I should have caught, and what an inspiration he is. Then I thought Time is just flying by, and how fast the ten years passed since I left home for school and landed in Atlanta with all these ideas in my head. Anyway, the up and down and over and out of an airport resonates the routine of life for me, and routine, to be honest, drives me mad.

Last Saturday, in effort to break routine, I sat in a circle and slowed down for a little while, drank some cocoa (thanks again, Organicoa) and made a kite with a few folks and Emily Fischer from Haptic Lab.

Here are the videos.

On our way….

Let’s go fly a kite!

Up to the highest heights!

Again, I apologise for being such a terrible director. That is the Great Lawn and Manhattan in the shots. Place is beautiful this time of year.

Lastly, and completely unrelated, my friend Michael Minihan made a Fair Folks New Orleans CD for us, and today I had the chance to discover it in the mail, and it is wonderful, and we have listened to it about ten times already on Frenchmen Street tonight. So, thank you Michael.

If anyone else wants to send us a “mixtape” please do. Just throwing that out there.

Buona Sera,



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