Shopping Sustainably

Sometimes doing the right thing is dull, like taking multivitamins or going to bed early. Fortunately, our options for living sustainably (and having fun at the same time) seem to be expanding exponentially every year, reducing the feeling that being responsible has to be boring. To help us make the connections between what we care about and products that make us happy, Miss Malaprop has been blogging about products and small businesses that are unique and eco-friendly since 2006. Miss Malaprop’s other area of focus is showcasing talent from New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast region, which is really wonderful for small businesses and artists that in turn receive recognition and support through Miss M.’s loyal network of readers. This Friday (October 1st) we’re extremely excited to be hosting a trunk show of handmade and eco designs with Miss Malaprop. For a preview of the sorts of items that will be available visit Miss Malaprop’s online shop, and you can also become a fan on Facebook to get updates on all of the exciting things she has in store for the coming months.

Miss Malaprop trunk show, Friday, October 1 · 5:00pm – 9:00pm

The trunk show is free and open to the public, and guests will have the chance to enter a giveaway for prizes from Miss Malaprop.




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