The Newest Addition to the Who Dat Nation, or, Aurora Tries to be One of the Boys

I am not much of a professional in terms of sports reporting, which you will see particularly in paragraph 4, but I went to a Saints game yesterday at the Superdome, and it was exhilirating and is a story worth retelling.

For those of you who have not watched a game of football, I recommend it to a certain extent. You can catch football games on television or in stadiums in certain cities. I wore a beautiful pair of jeans and a floral blazer. To get in the spirit of things, I wore the same gray tshirt I’ve been wearing all summer long (I decided it was close enough to black) and the same gold shoes I wear pretty much every day. Go Saints! Who dat!? Also to get in the spirit of things, I arrived in the only way that seemed appropriate, in the bed of a white pick-up truck with a bunch of hollering men. None of them wore floral blazers, but they shared my enthusiasm for the team at hand by bedecking themselves in as much official black and gold gear as possible.

The hotdogs at the stadium are particularly generous in size, the fries perfectly seasoned, and the beer frothy and cold. I approve of all of these things.

Some things I had not realized from my former experiences watching the sport – the stadium is huge and loud, the players impressive in their brute strength, and yet, the field itself just seemed smaller than I expected. And, when someone throws a pass interference, a team can really move up so far! I had not realized this! They get to go to where the foul occurred, as penalty to the defending team. When you’re watching on the TV, you just don’t have the perspective. Or, I don’t. Although, I admittedly spend most of my time watching the score board on TV, waiting for something to change, or waiting for the clock to run out so that I can go from one Sunday pastime of sitting in the modern day Roman colosseum, to another favorite such as taking a walk or baking a cake.

Is football not the sport closest to Roman feats of strength? Should I not have been wearing a toga rather than a floral blazer? Next time. They run about for our enjoyment, short bouts of opposing teams are punctuated with hearty applause. It felt like a lion should have been released to turn it up a notch.

I had high hopes for the marching band during half time. I love love love anything synchronized. Synchronized swimming and skating are just amazing. If I had the time to devote to one of these, I would join a New York based team in a heartbeat. But alas, I would have a long long way to go before I achieved the perfection I would hope for. The marching band did a lot to quell my need to see some synchronicity, but they were not as loud as I would have liked. I wanted shivers, a transformative experience, but I think I would need to be on level with them rather than raised in the stands to feel that.

There was a second line of Germans for Oktoberfest making their way down Elysian Fields following the win, and that was pretty transformative: I got some beads, saw my share of leiderhosen and Volkswagons, and had some pretzels shaped like Halloween critters.

But did you hear that!? It was a win! Who dat indeed.

Until next time,



2 responses to “The Newest Addition to the Who Dat Nation, or, Aurora Tries to be One of the Boys

  1. those swimmers are so intense!

  2. These swimmers are SO intense

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