Sleep Deprivation Takes Us To Tijuana

This is a photo from the second Verite Filmmaker Night, which got a little crazy last night. As you can see, the working title of last night’s script was “The Ingredient”. The script we wrote, stemming from the chosen genre of “romantic sci-fi”, involved a magic potion, a face full of pasta, a poem about Randy Savage, and a husband scorned. We shot until 6 in the morning, and as such, I now write with red eyes and a brain that feels like a dry sponge.

I would love to be the masterful writer who can crank out masterpiece after masterpiece for my faithful readers; but the truth is that I’m no longer a young man, and I need my sleep if I’m going to impress.

So my entry for today is going to be a short one, but not lacking in entertainment. Until I can gather whats left of my thoughts, I’m going to leave you with this:


Until next time folks,



“Everything’s funny until someone takes it seriously”- Wylie Hoffman

“And then it becomes hilarious.”- Hassan Allen


One response to “Sleep Deprivation Takes Us To Tijuana

  1. Tomorrow we’re learning that choreography. I’ll make some ponchos for us to wear.

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