Chaos & Classicism at the Guggenheim

Yesterday, in an effort to fight off the mean reds, brought on likely from drinking too much coffee too early in the day, I dropped everything for an hour and took the elevator up to the top of the Guggenheim for a stroll down. I think museums are my favourite places because you are not allowed to talk in movie theaters, or even move an inch in an opera house, and I really like to “share” experiences and people watch and eavesdrop on conversations. Plus, the exercise.

Anyway, at the Guggenheim was “Chaos & Classicism” which featured art from Germany, Italy, and France from the 1920’s and 1930’s. It was frightening! Go see it. It had this very cold autumn solemn October air swirling around the rotunda. I learned I am a horrible, horrible classicist.

I don’t want to spoil the show with too many images of the work, or go into too great of detail about what I did and did not like- because really folks, who cares?

But one highlight to mention for the design minded was a replica or recreation- I’m not sure the correct word- of the Barcelona Pavilion.

And another highlight, for the belgian waffel minded, was outside the museum, Wafels and Dinges had set up. Have you been to that place? It is amazing.


Bon Soir,



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