Costume Making Past and Present

Everyone that knows me is aware that I take costume making very seriously. Every time I begin a new costume or headdress the first step I take is gathering images for inspiration which serve as touchstones throughout the creative process. I especially like picking characters from history or mythology because aiming to develop an already existing idea in costume form helps me see the full picture of what I’m making. Here are some notable points of inspiration for costumes past:

King Leonidas



Empress of Atlantis

This year I’m taking a totally new approach to costume and headdress making: I’m working without a structured concept, and am challenging myself to develop something based on the materials alone. I have never worked with hair as a costuming material before, and have also never ventured into the realm of fiber optic lights, so those two elements are the cornerstones of what I’m currently working on. Working without the safety net of an existing theme and developing something out of materials that I have no experience with is a bit scary, but also tremendously exciting. The only problem is that I really have no idea what I’m going to wear on my body, as I’ve only put much thought into the massive headdress, so hopefully I’ll have some major breakthroughs with that in the next two weeks. If not, I’ll just be wearing an awesome light up headdress and nothing else, which I could probably justify last minute by naming it something like “Warrior Goddess of The Night Sky.” I do hope it doesn’t come to that.




2 responses to “Costume Making Past and Present

  1. That Kali character gives me the spooks

  2. This is now a running theme: I write about something that I like, you find it scary. I wonder how long we can keep this up.

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