Back in Touch With the Fair Folks Feminine Side

My last post was about going to see a football game. Today, I’m going all-out girly.

I have not been shopping much lately. What with the expense of moving a few months ago, and the resulting process of trying to take stock of what I already have, I pretty much banned myself from it for a bit. But with the change of seasons, a lady gets antsy. They say women be shoppin’, and it’s kinda true. It’s played a major part in my life at times – it’s fun, it’s relaxing, it’s mildly creative, it can be a social activity or a solo meditation. I could go on and on and on about the social moral implications of consumption or the debate therein, about the merits of being a frequent shopper vs. holding off, or supporting local and buying handmade (This last one goes with the Fair Folks ethos quite nicely – we’re always working with as many designers that are local to either location as possible).

I’m not going to get into that here – though if you want to have, like, a discussion… we could take it to Twitter!

But I have been trying to figure out what just a few thoughtful, lovely, endlessly mixable, timeless pieces I can buy for the colder months might be. I’ve had thoughts about bringing home a full new wardrobe at one of the many mass market stores available to me in this great city, but a new super thrifty sweater from just such a store developed an enormous hole on wear #2 this week, so that idea is scratched. I’m all about satisfying my craving to shop with fewer pieces made by smaller scale designers or vintage. Since I’ll be careful and considered, I require advance prep. In the name of that, I have put together some inspiration for myself and thought I’d share it. I, by no means, will be buying any of this stuff, but it might help keep a vision in mind.

Have you used Polyvore before? It’s kind of old news in some circles, but it’s also kind of amazing and easy and dangerous because it makes falling in love with something that much simpler. I seem to have expensive taste. And, just so happens that my lifestyle doesn’t go along with it at all – I work from home more days than not. But, you dress for the role you want to play, right?

I was totally inspired by a random New Yorker I spotted wearing a pair of red boots, which has the potential to go to raunchy, with classic, neutral pieces. I want to copy her.

Here, I was inspired by nothing but lust over those bell sleeves.

Getting a little earthy. For going apple-picking maybe? Not so practical?

Wanting to get some cozy textures going.

Until next time,


One response to “Back in Touch With the Fair Folks Feminine Side

  1. these are really wondeful, i never took the time to look at them. You should do a men’s.

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