Enter Warby Parker

Warby Parker

You’ll never believe it. There is an actual brass band playing in front of our house on Frenchmen Street right now.

Kidding, kidding. The truth is, there is pretty much always a brass band playing in front of our house in between the hours of 10pm and 3am. However, to-nite, with all the madmen and women circling for Halloween, the street is particularly bonkers in a preview of what is to come throughout the weekend. People singing along and such to songs that don’t have a vocalist, packing the streets with a delirious party.

But this entry is about last night. And last night was wonderful in a completely different way. For me, at least, it was pretty much what I imagine in an ideal night. There wasn’t all that madness. It was as clear and clean and bright and as beautifully American as can be. It jumped right out of a book. Old friends, new friends, the breeze coming off the Mississippi, a stand-up base, a melodica, and a voice (Sarah Quintana) that captured and catapulted the entire scene.

We have Warby Parker to thank for this. They are changing an industry. And yes they have a better product, and yes they have a better price (95 bucks), and yes they have a better process than their competitors, but their real strength is their people. One in particular, Mara Blanaru, came down to Fair Folks on Chartres Street, and in the course of 48 hours helped us orchestrate “one of those nights” where everything falls very naturally into place.

We opened up the back of the house, set up the band in garden, (w/ THE CONCRETE COUCH, much more to follow on that) connecting the house, connecting the idea, and served Pimm’s (and PBR shh!) and presented the entire collection of Warby Parker eye-glasses. Including the monocle.

The crowd that converged came from all different parts of town, mainly connected by their interest in Warby Parker, and this idea that “young people” are doing “interesting things” that at the same time are socially responsible and economically viable. There was that electricity in the air, the tenable notion that as time passes seems to present itself more and more these days, that very clearly, something is happening, people are pushing forward and toward a better to-morrow with not just ideas but actions.

The glasses will be on display for the entire month of November here in our front room in New Orleans every Thursday through Sunday from noon till seven. If those times do not work for you, email us at thegoat(@)fairfolksandagoat.com and we will do our best to accommodate appointments.

Happy Halloween,


ps. What are you dressing up as? I am thinking of going as this guy, my hero when I was a tweenager. Does anyone have a trench coat I can borrow, and a bus ticket to Nashville?


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