Autumn in New Orleans. You’ll need no castles in Spain

One of the benefits of continuing to rent rooms down here at 2116 Chartres is with each reservation we seem to gain new friends. And not just on Facebook. Since the beginning- the fateful day on Cornelia Street- we aimed to connect to our customer, and what better way to do that to invite folks to spend the night within the walls of Fair Folks New Orleans.

In November, there are a number of terrific reasons right around the corner to sleep over beyond the breathtaking weather of late. The first is this upcoming weekend (November 6th) and the opening events of Prospect 1.5. Art enthusiasts from around the world with descend upon New Orleans to see very carefully curated spaces throughout the city and delight in the work of both local and non-local artists. One event that I myself will definitely be attending is at Madame John’s Legacy in the Quarter. Two of the featured artists, Jessica Bizer and Michael Pajon will display their work among a host of other very talented artists. I have been fortunate to meet the two of them, and we are fortunate enough to have the work on display here at Fair Folks. Also, since a very young age, I have enjoyed walking into old homes and staring up at old ceilings and imagining all the old things that happened inside way back when. Madame John’s Legacy will be perfect for such day/night dreaming. I can tell by the outside.

Beyond the prospect of Prospect 1.5 this weekend, Frenchmen Street plays host to the 9th Annual Book Fair. We will be open and having a good time, and even if you aren’t staying with us, please stop by if you are planning on going to the Book Fair. If you are not planning on going to the Book Fair, plan on it. Books are great. Although, my dad did once warn me that if I kept reading so many books I would go crazy. And there was a little time there at the turn of the last century when I think he may have been correct. Anyway, after Halloween, the very idea that folks are coming down to Frenchmen Street with an idea of reading books rather than drinking themselves into a stupor is wonderful.


If you are reading this in New York, or Chicago, or Philadelphia, and perhaps you have noticed that fall fell and winter is beginning to yawn, I just want to mention that the weather down here is absolutely, undeniably perfect. The last few days at least.

We will be renting our rooms at $200 a night in November. Please email thegoat(@) for reservations.

Alla prossima,



2 responses to “Autumn in New Orleans. You’ll need no castles in Spain

  1. Great post, and the room stay looks lovely! I can’t wait to come down there later this month and meet you all. Don’t forget about the NO Fringe festival as well! 🙂

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