Q4 – Soon Your Dreams Will Be Dreamin’ You

No idea who this guy is. I just think this is a funny concept in sports that at the end of the 3rd Quarter, one team, maybe both, will hold 4 fingers in the air to let everyone know that it is “crunch” time.

This is sort of my first foray into the “crunch” time of retail business (save the sexiest of all retail, retail brokerage). Last year, we began in the beginning of November, and we were happy to have people over and into our space for pretty much any reason whatsoever, and it was all very crazy and fun, and we had no clue what we were doing for the most part, but boy oh boy we’re we trying everything. This year, again, we are doing our best to put exciting and entertaining events on our calendar as well as bring in interesting and beautiful things for the holidays.

But I suppose there are different “crunch” times for us in the varying worlds we have embraced with Fair Folks and each asks pretty much the same in terms of effort and energy and emotion. Fashion Week, and ICFF, and all the festivals and carnival in New Orleans, and the addition of Prospect 1.5, soon to be Prospect 2, and the art shows in Manhattan as well, and I am sure I am forgetting a handful of things that just fly by. Regardless, we have begun to gracefully transition into a controlled chaos of airplanes and interviews and hello’s and goodbye’s very different than when we began waiting for folks to come over for tea. We still serve plenty of tea, not quite as much waiting around though. There is always something to do it seems, somewhere to be, someone to see, and if they’re weren’t I can’t imagine this being quite as fun as it is.

I can tell you what wasn’t and probably still isn’t such a fun 4th quarter. Lakeland Kathleen. We never made it out of that gym with a win growing up, and even if we had a lead going into the 4th quarter, we had a pretty good idea that we were in trouble, our legs were going to give, and that their speed would kill us. A funny anecdote to playing in Lakeland Kathleen’s gym was above and to the right of their hoop hangs a gigantic picture of football superstar Ray Lewis, standing in his wrestling onesie, and beneath him his accolades as a 2x undefeated heavyweight Florida state champ. That did not make foul shots any easier.

Another un-fun 4th Quarter I can remember was not that long ago.  2008, when the financial world collapsed and I was pretty much locked in my office on the tip of Manhattan island, attached to my phone and ideas, all the way up and through the New Year. I don’t think I ever slept at my office (like I do now) but I remember the streets really late at night, and this frightening, frightening chill in the air that felt like Christmas wasn’t coming. But it came. And then you look back on things, and say to yourself, “Geez, what did I get all in a huff about. ”

I guess in all this, my suggestion to you reader, and perhaps more so to myself, is not to overstress about the coming weeks. That it will all work out okay in the end. UNLESS, you happen to be turning 30 at the end of next month as well. Then you better get sprinting! Time is running out! Up to the Hills!

Or take Willie’s advice (thanks Mr. Minihan)

“Time will take care of itself, so just leave time alone/ Pick up the tempo just a little, and take it on home.”

Happy Wednesday,


ps. We are open today in New Orleans.



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