Sentimental Gentlewoman

I have a real ‘thing’ for anything I come across that reminds me of something that was precious to me as a child. This point was really driven home to me when I saw Elisa Solomon’s jewelry line.

It is sweet in this way I can’t quite pinpoint. It reminds me of road trips tucked away in the backseat, my sister and me fawning over new stone bracelets after a drive through the Poconos or Yellowstone. These trips were filled with tiny museums showcasing small local taxedermied vermin, ancient carvings found in various National Parks, vials filled with shining chunks of fools’ gold, and all the sarsaparilla I could drink.

These pieces take some of the same imagery that I am still so sentimental about and make them perfectly appropriate for my now-grown-up(ish) life. Delicate chains, fine diamond chips or large rough diamonds set into select pieces, ancient beads surrounding sweet silver cast beads – it all translates Elisa’s interest in Native American symbolism and fetish objects into very appealing pieces to get sentimental about today.

We have a nice assortment of Elisa Solomon jewelry in New Orleans, that range from $50-$300, all made from sterling silver, some with diamonds, sapphires and the like.

All of this thinking about sentimentality, the good old days, has me inspired. There are a million little things like this that have been collected in my memory, that have been given more value than they could actually possess, just because. They were around. They’re a part of the language of my past. And with THAT, I want to start up a series of posts – Sentimental Gentlewoman. I’ll go through all of these random little things that tug at my heart strings.

Do you all have similar little nothings that mean something? Curious to know if any of yours are the same as mine.

Until next time,



2 responses to “Sentimental Gentlewoman

  1. Yes, I am very sentimental about my baseball cards. And the Jersey Shore.

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