Go Folks, Go : Bonnie Prince Billy at Town Hall

I’m not really a big concert goer- other than the in’s and out’s of the bars on Frenchmen Street, I prefer to sit down when listening to music. Such an old fuddy dudddy at the ripe old age of 29. But to-morrow night, one of the greatest Goats in all of music is coming to town.  Doors open around 8:00pm at the Town Hall in Midtown for Bonnie Prince Billy playing with the Cairo Gang. Unfortunately for me, it is still up in the air as to whether or not I will be able to attend- though I do have a ticket. It is just that I am in desperate need to get back to New Orleans, having been in New York for all of two days. All this stuff to do down there in preparation for the New Year. Part of my plan, if I can make, is a sign begging him to come play in our garden in New Orleans.

Anyway, in case you have been living in a cave, or whatever the saying is, for the last ten years or so, or just needed a quick reminder, here is a demonstration of his talents, in all their bearded glory.

And here is another one, shot more recently out in some far off place called Williamsburg,

Happy Tuesday,



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