Delicious, Always

Continuing on the idea that there is a lot out there on the internet worth reading (if you’ll remember last week I highlighted Nell’s blog), I present to you a number of blogs that I’ve read for some time that are really what prod me to be adventurous in the kitchen.

I’ve always loved cooking, and sometimes have to tell myself to stop posting to Facebook or Twitter about the latest ingredient I’m excited about or the recipe I want to attempt next. My personal food consumption is interesting to me and my taste buds, and it pretty much ends there. BUT, these bloggers write consistently about their own creation and consumption of food beautifully, engagingly enough that I have read some of them for a good… 3 years? 4? My favorite thing about reading them is that, having some familiarity with how ingredients can be used, I feel confident grocery shopping based on whims and fancies. I feel confident just kind of throwing things into a pan or turning on the oven and knowing I can make something taste decent from the cupboards. Empowering, no?

A little caveat here: I was vegetarian for years growing up, and while I eat pretty much anything now, I think it still kind of shows. Most of these lean toward the veggie lovers out there, and some of them are downright crunchy.


$30 A WEEK. This Brooklyn couple spends no more than $30 a week for their groceries and have kept it up for years. And they don’t cheat by going to eat out every meal. In fact, they hold themselves pretty accountable, rarely eat out, and make most things from scratch like bread and tortillas.

FRESH365. Colorful.

G0LUBKA. This one goes as far as being about raw food. Beautiful arrangements, photos, and details of the process. Not sure I’d go raw myself, but the attention paid to what you’re eating, what it does for you, and where it comes from is really interesting.

Click for full post.

HUNGRY CRAVINGS. And here we have quite the opposite, as the author just wrote a cookbook called Seared to Perfection, about steak.

ORANGETTE. Food, the poetry of life, the whirlwind of starting a business. And in food service at that. I know starting a business leads to life-altering busy-ness, first hand!


Because I love soup, and I especially love soup for two. Click for full post.

SADJA’S COLUMNS. This one is written by my amazing aunt Sadja. She is a MD and waxes poetic about particular ingredients and their health benefits mostly. She was the one who helped me become vegetarian when I was small, is the best listener and advice giver around, and every time I visit her I wonder why I don’t live by the ocean and have a glass studio, a music room, a vegetable garden and chickens in my backyard.

SMITTEN KITCHEN. I have made more recipes from Deb than I have any other food blog. I go straight to her archives whenever I have a particular ingredient I need to use or a particular event I need to cook for.

It hurt me to have to choose just one image for Smitten Kitchen. Chose this one because it stands alone well, but I want to make LITERALLY everything on her site.

SPROUTED KITCHEN. More yum, more color.

LUXIRARE. This last one is not strictly food. In fact it’s mostly fashion. But when she does make food, it is such artful, amazing stuff, with such beautiful, art-directed shots that I sit with my mouth open examining it and sometimes shed a tear. She has been traveling abroad for some time, so her home made items are fewer and farther between these days, but check this out:

This is a mere part of the finished product, but even the process shots are unreal. Those are little jellies inspired by cocktails, among other things. Click to see her full post


As Julia Child, who went to my alma mater, would say: ‘Bon Appetite!’



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