Sentimental Gentlewoman, The Series: 2

I started thinking about things that made me especially sentimental a few weeks ago when the jewelry we brought in from Elisa Solomon had me thinking back on road trips as a kid, tucked away in the backseat, visiting American landmarks and enjoying the bounties of the gift shops that inevitably came with it.

To continue on with this series, I bring you my holiday edition. My grandmother does not like the holidays. She sort of prefers to hide out and not see a soul until January come this time of year. But, she’s always very giving, regardless, and I’ve been invited over multiple times recently to dig through her closets and take a few silky lovely pieces.

Considering her distaste for the season, it is sort of a wonder that she was actually the one who created, for me, a sense of what the holidays are supposed to feel like, in the most abstract sense. I’m sure she’ll come up again – I could go on and on about the ways she’s inspired me – but for now we’ll leave this to the season at hand. My memories from childhood times with her are filled with dressing up in smocked velvet dresses in evergreen or black with white collars, white stockings, maryjanes, my sister dressed to match. Big dinners, candlelight, proper manners, shoes clicking on marble. A trip to see The Nutcracker which to this day just floors me – there are no words. So beautiful. This was all just magic to me.

I haven’t had a dress like that in some time, and I haven’t seen The Nutcracker since back when, but the feelings those things gave me remain. And, what is that if not sentimental?

Here’s hoping the end of December is magical for each of you. I have a feeling mine will be! If you’d like a bit more magic in your life, we’re offering blog readers up to 20% off on everything in our shop from now through the 30th – just mention code GOATS WILL EAT ANYTHING. Email or call if you’re not able to come by in person!


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