Love Will Find A Way

One of the most difficult and challenging parts of our day to day is deciding upon and planning ahead on our event programming. If you have been following us for quite some time you may have noticed that things are getting more and more polished, diverse, often educational, and increasingly interesting as time passes. At least that is what we are hoping! For example, in New York, our upcoming literary event, highlighting two amazing New Orleans publications- Constance, and How to Rebuild a City- we believe will be our best yet. And please RSVP if you haven’t yet, as space is limited.

Looking forward a little further ahead, in February we are planning our second solo show for a New Orleans based artist on Chartres Street, and still seeking the theme for our next party on 88th. One idea, is a Black Swan party, obviously inspired by the movie, and obviously over the top awesome in relation to the space there if we can bring in the right instrumentation to pull it off. Also, the right make-up artist. The other idea is Mod, and inspired by the amazing design video created by this little know music group from England.

So what do you think? Black Swan or black suits? Maybe both, a combo party? Watch-out.

Alla Prossima,



2 responses to “Love Will Find A Way

  1. i LOVE black swan…but i’d go with black suits…wish i could go!

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