Friday Inspiration

I find myself pulling images to my desktop whenever I find them inspiring. Sometimes, they’re completely random, and only I can tell what it is that I was especially drawn to when looking back through them – what was the common thread. Other times, it’s painfully obvious. Here is one such collection of images, for your enjoyment on frivolous Friday. It’s all about the blues. I was looking for shades to consider for reupholstering my favorite, velvet covered, high-backed 6o’s vintage armchair which just happens to be pea-soup green. I think it’s fabulous, but ahem, some would beg to differ.

I believe all of these images are from Desire to Inspire, a seriously prolific site for interiors, except for the first, which is from Style by Emily Henderson. She won the last round of Design Star, which I didn’t watch, but I started to after I read about her because she’s darling and I love her eye and she’s one of the first people that I’ve seen in the more ‘mass’ world of design consumption who isn’t necessarily all slickified but is instead eclectic in a REAL way instead of a contrived way, mixes modern and vintage. She just posted about inspiration herself, looking for images for the ‘dudes’ out there. And I am taking notes – gotta keep the fellas in mind.

Do you all look for inspiration online? Another inspiration ‘log’ I like to keep going is, um, haircuts. Ha. I could share that with you if I really run out of things to write about! No but really, if you look for inspiration online, what for? Art? Fashion? Interiors? Extreme sports? Share your sources!

Until next time,



One response to “Friday Inspiration

  1. I like the bottom image. Its the cleanest.

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