The rollercoaster’s rollin’ on…..

To-morrow marks one year in New Orleans. We closed on 2114 and 2116 Chartres on the 21st of January 2010.

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of what the place looked like when moved in.

The above is what we originally called the “Front Left Room” and then “Room B” and now we call it “The Gallery.” You can view some updated shots of this room on our website, and most recently and fantastically, stylishly on the style blog Studio Swag. (I still call that my duffle bag, there in the corner.)

This room, for awhile, we called the “Green Room” for obvious reasons, and then “Room C” and now we call it “The Parlor.” We also have some shots of this room on our website, but the most updated shots can be found again at Studio Swag, and also at another wildly popular local New Orleans blog, Swank Heights. (There is a sliver of our chalkboard table before we painted it.)

This room we initially called the “Red Bedroom” and then the “Back Red Room” and then for awhile we called it “Pete’s office” and then we called it “The Wes Anderson Room” and then we called it “Christopher Walken’s Trailer” – but he never showed up (sad face) so now we call it again, “The Back Red Room” although it is no longer red, however, it does have a red piano. Pretty much nothing remains from this shot. You can see updated shots of this room at yet another very cool and stylish local New Orleans  blog, Ordinarily Urbane.

And there, above, is what we have always referred to as our “Garden” though I have been instructed to call it a “Courtyard.” I don’t really like calling it a “Courtyard” so I will continue to call it the “Garden.” An updated shot can be seen on all of the blogs above, as well as in this week’s issue of Cue, the Gambit’s style and fashion insert, where the three fabulous fancy ladies of each blog were profiled. Please take the journey around to the other blogs- we promise the “Garden” no longer looks like this.

I hope this was as much fun for you, as it has been for me,


PS. Here is one shot of the NY space way back when, just to be funny.

That is my friend Lauren- this must have been before we outlawed cell phones in the space. If you would like to see an updated version of the space, just last week Wendy Goodman interviewed Aurora and featured it in New York Magazine.


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