Small Talk; Happy Talk Keep Talkin’ Happy Talk

Some of these very cold days inspire major hibernating urges, and until the mercury rises and jackets are worn more for decoration than out of desperation, we’re all trying to busy ourselves indoors. I can usually find ways to feel busy, truly busy, with no time for fun and games. Truth is, all work is fun and fun is work these days, one and the same, I’d rather be working, that kind of thing.

But, I’m thinking I need to go see a movie one of these days. It’s one of those things people do. Then, after having seen it, they talk about it. Movie viewing can be great fodder for small talk, or the stuff of deep discussions and cultural analysis.

It can also add to your ‘library’ of inspiration, and y’all have to know how I feel about inspiration if you’ve been reading for any length of time. My personal film library is rather tiny. The need for one, physically, isn’t so pressing these days as movies stream into your home at the click of a button. But I have a few that I’ve either watched over and over again until they are but shreds of DVDs or that I watched once, purchased to add to the library, and set daintily upon a gold-leafed bone inlaid pedestal for idolization.

My library includes (but is not limited to) Me and You and Everyone We Know (which I think can do no wrong but I know there are the Miranda July naysayers); Amelie (overdone by this time?); The Snowman (an amaaaaazing animated holiday film from my childhood with only classical music for audio); The Saddest Music in the World (wonderfully bizarre); Ghost World (one that I could watch over and over and over again); and some little gems like… ahem… Bridget Jones’s Diary and Legally Blonde (why do I bother admitting this!? Full disclosure for you folks). I’d love to add Dead Man and Orlando to my array of fancy DVDs on Pedestals, but I can’t justify it when the pedestals are so expensive and I’m saving up for a nifty camera. Plus, Netflix.

Allll of this to say, I’m thinking when I go to the theatre, probably this weekend, I’m thinking I’ll see Blue Valentine. Michelle Williams is very special to me because she and I used to share a block in Brooklyn, and before that she and I used to share an hour or so together each week when I watched her on Dawson’s Creek in high school. Are those not sound reasons for seeing a film?

Do you have time for a little small talk? What movies have you seen recently? Were they good?

Until next time,



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