God Bless San Remo

In following up on yesterday’s Valentine Video series of classic songs, and classic Country style tips, and classic video art direction, courtesy of thee Tracy Lawrence, and his handlers which, to quote Lady Gaga, “mastered the art of fame” south of the Mason Dixon during the wonder years of my youth, today, we present perhaps a more “on brand” documentation of style and music, and all the rest. By “all the rest” I  am mainly referring to this film’s inclusion of bocce, a game we will not STOP talking about.

The film, The Talented Mr. Ripley, as everyone knows, is filled with the sort of aesthetic eye candy and hilarious quotes (“Wild horses couldn’t drag me back to New York”) that has spawned a zillion mood boards, Junior years abroad, and blog posts. So why not one more post, especially with Valentines day, er, yesterday.

Anyway, here it is, with a day late love song, and so many style tips.

I am so depressed now. The song, sure. But those Pictures of Italy. Yeesh. In any case, there is no shortage of Jazz, and Vespas, and warm weather in New Orleans. If only there was somewhere to play bocce.

Alla Prossima,


ps. “Who wears a corduroy jacket in Italy?”


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