God Bless Tracy Lawrence

I don’t know, is this the greatest album cover ever? You tell me.

There is something about Valentines Day (and Fashion Week) that reminds me of one of the greatest singer songwriters in American (Country) Music (mid 90’s) History, Tracy Lawrence.  My personal favorite songs of his are “Alibis” and “Sticks and Stones.” However, in terms of music videos, nothing compares to this trio, all from the classic, untouchable, “I See it Now” album. Please watch in their entirety. This is really special, and proof that they really “don’t make em like they used to.”




Pretty amazing art direction, eh? Upon further investigation, I realized that these three are not the entire story. Anyone who can find the missing parts to these videos, ie sequels, prequels, etc, and be the first to send them to me, I will send one of our super groovy t-shirts.

Happy Valentines Day,



2 responses to “God Bless Tracy Lawrence

  1. Anthony, I don’t think you can even comprehend how happy this blog post made me. Amazing.

    • It is nice to know there are people out there with “real “style. And imagine, that is his real voice- he was autotune, before autotune existed

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