When Aurora and Anthony teamed up to form Fair Folks & a Goat in September of 2009, the idea that everything is designed by someone, somewhere was front and center in their minds. Wishing to reinvigorate the retail experience and inject it with personality and heart, they have united designers, artists, writers, intellectuals, and industrialists and created a visual, physical conversation within the walls of historic homes. Their first creation, beside Museum Mile in Manhattan, is a nod to times past with a contemporary tearoom feel; an elegant more personal alternative to the status quo. Within this salon style environment, everything is for sale- from the chair you sit on and the art on the wall, the teapot and its serving cart, the clothes in the closet, down to the speakers that fill the room with sound – inviting interaction and discussion.

In New Orleans, the idea has been taken a step further – rather than occupying one salon, the living gallery extends to eight rooms creating a narrative of home and comfort, and extends to the details of the shower curtain and hand soap in the bathroom, the bed linens and nightstand in the bedroom. 

Fair Folks & a Goat, New York is open every Friday from 3-7pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 1-6pm with tea tastings and temptations, always by appointment. Email thegoat@fairfolksandagoat.com with your name, number of guests, and the date and time you prefer for reservations and location.

Fair Folks & a Goat, New Orleans is located at 2116 Chartres Street, New Orleans, LA, 70116 and is available for regular walk-in visits, no appointment required. It is open every Thursday through Sunday from 12-7pm.


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