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Notes from the Digital Underground

Websites are wearisome. Wonders to create and even harder to maintain.

Initially, they take a ton of time and money. 2,000 pounds. Real money and real time straight from the bank account and straight from the sleep account. But also to be considered, heavily, is the loss of opportunity and ability to focus energies and assets in other areas such as sales, marketing, finance and development due to the necessary attention and capital needed in pushing the process forward. That opportunity cost is gigantic short term. Especially when you are trying to follow the NCAA tournament.

The Agony of Defeat

Some advise to update the frame and function of a website over the  holidays or during the summer when things slow down. The idea being you don’t take holidays or slow down during the summer. This includes such things as Christmas and Mardi Gras. Good luck!

Could be either

And that is just to build the ship, wait for the water to get warm. Then you have to sail. It doesn’t have brakes. It never stops. And the further you want to go, the further you set your sights, the more work it entails each and every day at sea. You can’t bite off more then you can chew.

More 80's

The maintenance cost in time is in direct correlation with the complexity of the site’s design. Keep this in mind when your brain is going on creative fantasies.  We are on our 4th version of the site in less than 2 years. Take small bites but don’t stop eating.


The other frightening inevitably of the process is that as soon as you think you have  “it” where you want “it” to be, the world moves forward, and so must your digital presence. Even when you are on time you are late. And like so many facets of business, what doesn’t grow, dies. To keep up in today’s world, a company must demonstrate a constant continuation of growth not only in aesthetic design but functionality and purpose online. If you don’t get a little better you get much worse.  This means that sometimes you have to make the unfortunate decision to begin again despite the sense of satisfaction with something that, on the surface, may seem “finished” or “sufficient.”

We would like to thank Geoff Oliver of Plan8 Studios for his continued work and support, as well as Maggie Sage of M. Sage Design for all of her creative energy.

In addition, we would also like to thank Netta Ruth for her work and Blake Bertuccelli for his consultation.


Happy Tuesday,



St. Patrick’s Day

Way back when (2003ish-2005ish), I worked on 42nd and 5th at 11 West- the same building that housed, and perhaps still houses, Valentino, Michael Kors, and Martha Stewart in one elevator bank, and NYU classrooms on the other. I worked on the 28th floor- the fashion side of the elevators- until Tishman Speyer bought the building, raised our rent to an ungodly price and forced us to move out.

Before that happened I was able to ride the elevator with a great many celebrities and super models on a daily basis, and since this was my first job upon moving to New York I thought it all very regular and part of the “gig.”

Anyway, the day of the year I will never forget was the day of the St. Patrick’s parade where throngs of people crowded Fifth Avenue, and in a desperate search for a bathroom would not only enter our building, but further up and into our elevators, and even attempt to use our bathroom on the 28th floor. That was funny, seeing sanguine faced drunks amongst cubicles and everything else, but not half as funny as my all time greatest New York St. Patty’s highlight, which happened around 2:30 in the afternoon in front of the NYU Law School on West 4th below Washington Square, where I saw two very grown, very manly hard hat, Irish men weeping uncontrollably, and in only passing them for a moment heard in the thickest of Irish accents,

“You’re always trying to tell me how to live me life, brother! Why won’t you just let me be, brother?”

I can recall it and crack up in a heartbeat.

Have a Happy St. Patty’s, wherever you may be, and feel free to cry your eyes out if you wish,


God Bless San Remo

In following up on yesterday’s Valentine Video series of classic songs, and classic Country style tips, and classic video art direction, courtesy of thee Tracy Lawrence, and his handlers which, to quote Lady Gaga, “mastered the art of fame” south of the Mason Dixon during the wonder years of my youth, today, we present perhaps a more “on brand” documentation of style and music, and all the rest. By “all the rest” I  am mainly referring to this film’s inclusion of bocce, a game we will not STOP talking about.

The film, The Talented Mr. Ripley, as everyone knows, is filled with the sort of aesthetic eye candy and hilarious quotes (“Wild horses couldn’t drag me back to New York”) that has spawned a zillion mood boards, Junior years abroad, and blog posts. So why not one more post, especially with Valentines day, er, yesterday.

Anyway, here it is, with a day late love song, and so many style tips.

I am so depressed now. The song, sure. But those Pictures of Italy. Yeesh. In any case, there is no shortage of Jazz, and Vespas, and warm weather in New Orleans. If only there was somewhere to play bocce.

Alla Prossima,


ps. “Who wears a corduroy jacket in Italy?”

God Bless Tracy Lawrence

I don’t know, is this the greatest album cover ever? You tell me.

There is something about Valentines Day (and Fashion Week) that reminds me of one of the greatest singer songwriters in American (Country) Music (mid 90’s) History, Tracy Lawrence.  My personal favorite songs of his are “Alibis” and “Sticks and Stones.” However, in terms of music videos, nothing compares to this trio, all from the classic, untouchable, “I See it Now” album. Please watch in their entirety. This is really special, and proof that they really “don’t make em like they used to.”




Pretty amazing art direction, eh? Upon further investigation, I realized that these three are not the entire story. Anyone who can find the missing parts to these videos, ie sequels, prequels, etc, and be the first to send them to me, I will send one of our super groovy t-shirts.

Happy Valentines Day,


Plank Vanity


All these exciting things are happening in New Orleans. All these exciting people are bringing all these exciting gifts into our space to share with others. Here is one such, courtesy of Michael Robinson Cohen, his “Plank Vanity.”

Photo credit – Miss Netta Ruth.

It should be noted, that as beautiful as this object is, it clearly adds about ten to twenty pounds.

Have a great day,


It is what is on the inside that counts

Yesterday was a lesson in looking beneath the surface, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum and their presentation of Filippino Lippi’s (he is the son) Madonna and Child.


Have you seen this yet?

Which do you like better? I am a sucker for the Renaissance, and also that May procession blue- breaks my heart in memories.

Are there any other pieces you think I should go and see before I leave New York? The Guggenheim is empty as they are re-installing. It is pretty pretty cold, so I think now is as good a time as ever to haunt the museums, no?

Happy Monday,


The rollercoaster’s rollin’ on…..

To-morrow marks one year in New Orleans. We closed on 2114 and 2116 Chartres on the 21st of January 2010.

I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of what the place looked like when moved in.

The above is what we originally called the “Front Left Room” and then “Room B” and now we call it “The Gallery.” You can view some updated shots of this room on our website, and most recently and fantastically, stylishly on the style blog Studio Swag. (I still call that my duffle bag, there in the corner.)

This room, for awhile, we called the “Green Room” for obvious reasons, and then “Room C” and now we call it “The Parlor.” We also have some shots of this room on our website, but the most updated shots can be found again at Studio Swag, and also at another wildly popular local New Orleans blog, Swank Heights. (There is a sliver of our chalkboard table before we painted it.)

This room we initially called the “Red Bedroom” and then the “Back Red Room” and then for awhile we called it “Pete’s office” and then we called it “The Wes Anderson Room” and then we called it “Christopher Walken’s Trailer” – but he never showed up (sad face) so now we call it again, “The Back Red Room” although it is no longer red, however, it does have a red piano. Pretty much nothing remains from this shot. You can see updated shots of this room at yet another very cool and stylish local New Orleans  blog, Ordinarily Urbane.

And there, above, is what we have always referred to as our “Garden” though I have been instructed to call it a “Courtyard.” I don’t really like calling it a “Courtyard” so I will continue to call it the “Garden.” An updated shot can be seen on all of the blogs above, as well as in this week’s issue of Cue, the Gambit’s style and fashion insert, where the three fabulous fancy ladies of each blog were profiled. Please take the journey around to the other blogs- we promise the “Garden” no longer looks like this.

I hope this was as much fun for you, as it has been for me,


PS. Here is one shot of the NY space way back when, just to be funny.

That is my friend Lauren- this must have been before we outlawed cell phones in the space. If you would like to see an updated version of the space, just last week Wendy Goodman interviewed Aurora and featured it in New York Magazine.