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Notes from the Digital Underground

Websites are wearisome. Wonders to create and even harder to maintain.

Initially, they take a ton of time and money. 2,000 pounds. Real money and real time straight from the bank account and straight from the sleep account. But also to be considered, heavily, is the loss of opportunity and ability to focus energies and assets in other areas such as sales, marketing, finance and development due to the necessary attention and capital needed in pushing the process forward. That opportunity cost is gigantic short term. Especially when you are trying to follow the NCAA tournament.

The Agony of Defeat

Some advise to update the frame and function of a website over the  holidays or during the summer when things slow down. The idea being you don’t take holidays or slow down during the summer. This includes such things as Christmas and Mardi Gras. Good luck!

Could be either

And that is just to build the ship, wait for the water to get warm. Then you have to sail. It doesn’t have brakes. It never stops. And the further you want to go, the further you set your sights, the more work it entails each and every day at sea. You can’t bite off more then you can chew.

More 80's

The maintenance cost in time is in direct correlation with the complexity of the site’s design. Keep this in mind when your brain is going on creative fantasies.  We are on our 4th version of the site in less than 2 years. Take small bites but don’t stop eating.


The other frightening inevitably of the process is that as soon as you think you have  “it” where you want “it” to be, the world moves forward, and so must your digital presence. Even when you are on time you are late. And like so many facets of business, what doesn’t grow, dies. To keep up in today’s world, a company must demonstrate a constant continuation of growth not only in aesthetic design but functionality and purpose online. If you don’t get a little better you get much worse.  This means that sometimes you have to make the unfortunate decision to begin again despite the sense of satisfaction with something that, on the surface, may seem “finished” or “sufficient.”

We would like to thank Geoff Oliver of Plan8 Studios for his continued work and support, as well as Maggie Sage of M. Sage Design for all of her creative energy.

In addition, we would also like to thank Netta Ruth for her work and Blake Bertuccelli for his consultation.


Happy Tuesday,



St. Patrick’s Day

Way back when (2003ish-2005ish), I worked on 42nd and 5th at 11 West- the same building that housed, and perhaps still houses, Valentino, Michael Kors, and Martha Stewart in one elevator bank, and NYU classrooms on the other. I worked on the 28th floor- the fashion side of the elevators- until Tishman Speyer bought the building, raised our rent to an ungodly price and forced us to move out.

Before that happened I was able to ride the elevator with a great many celebrities and super models on a daily basis, and since this was my first job upon moving to New York I thought it all very regular and part of the “gig.”

Anyway, the day of the year I will never forget was the day of the St. Patrick’s parade where throngs of people crowded Fifth Avenue, and in a desperate search for a bathroom would not only enter our building, but further up and into our elevators, and even attempt to use our bathroom on the 28th floor. That was funny, seeing sanguine faced drunks amongst cubicles and everything else, but not half as funny as my all time greatest New York St. Patty’s highlight, which happened around 2:30 in the afternoon in front of the NYU Law School on West 4th below Washington Square, where I saw two very grown, very manly hard hat, Irish men weeping uncontrollably, and in only passing them for a moment heard in the thickest of Irish accents,

“You’re always trying to tell me how to live me life, brother! Why won’t you just let me be, brother?”

I can recall it and crack up in a heartbeat.

Have a Happy St. Patty’s, wherever you may be, and feel free to cry your eyes out if you wish,


Wishful Thinking

Just last week, life for me was all chicory and beignets, short sleeved shirts, leisurely walking and kind-folk talking, strewn with beads and covered in purple-yellow-green glitter sprinkles. My trip to New Orleans saw me at Tim Cavnar’s opening reception at the start (pictures can be seen on Facebook) and ended on a sweet note with Luke Winslow King and lovely Esther Rose crooning in the courtyard.

Being back in New York is a bit like a slap in the face, what with the fresh blanket of snow we got on Sunday night.

Right? Easy to sympathize when you consider that contrast. Until it warms up a bit in the North, I’m just going to hibernate and work on my Mardi Gras costume inside (uh, anyone want to feed me some ideas? I’m a little lost on that front), while thinking happy thoughts of Springtime sun (and more king cake).

Until next time,


Alexandra Grecco, and The Questions

I was talking about inspiration last week when I said adieu for the weekend. A simple little gathering of images, filled with colors you love or a slew of textures that gets your mind racing with ideas is all well and good. But to really take inspiration from images-on-which-to-riff, to the sort of thing that inspires action, that requires action… for me it takes the example of a person and their story.

Todays story comes to you from Alexandra Grecco, the eponymous founder and designer behind her clothing line. We’ve just started carrying her beautiful assortment in our New Orleans location, and it is just what I want to be wearing right now. Romantic, luxurious stuff, with a definite point of view but not over wrought with frivolous details, so you can make it your own through styling.

I first fell in love with Alexandra’s work after seeing her website, with photography that is just to die for. What a mood it captures! Talk about styling – it’s spot on here. Behold, some images of her upcoming Spring ’11 collection, which we don’t yet have in stock, but which have me pining for warmer days.


Alexandra Grecco Spring 11 1






She is actually based in New York, and I have my fingers crossed that we can do something with her in our New York location as well. If you’re interested in seeing what we’re carrying specifically or making a purchase, shoot us an email at thegoat [at] fairfolksandagoat [dot] com. Everything that we carry currently is from her Fall/Winter collection which can be seen on this completely adorable film short that you reallllllly should watch, even if just to perk up your day and not drool over the clothing. (Why can’t I embed it here, Vimeo? Why?)


Alexandra was kind enough to share some words with us, in the form of our much loved questions:


1. What’s inspiring your work these days?

I went to Mexico a few months ago and visited Frida Kahlo’s house, also known as La Casa Azul, and I was so inspired by her personal collection of photographs on display there and some of the rich colors of the flowers she wore in her hair. That visit really helped shape my upcoming Fall2011 collection!

2. Have you seen your work in new contexts, used in ways you hadn’t imagined for it?

Nothing out of the ordinary (that I know of!), but I’ve been doing some custom wedding gowns which I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to get involved with so soon, so it’s been exciting to meet with brides and get a sense of who they are and then see the gown I designed for them in such a festive and personal setting.

3. Does your material usually come before form or form before material? How about function before form or form before function?

It’s a little of both!  I usually find some great fabrics but then design a dress that I think will work better in another fabric so then I have to hunt for that said fabric.  It can get a little complicated.  And usually form before function and then I find a way to make that form functional!

4. What is your greatest challenge as a designer?

I would have to say being a good business woman has been the biggest challenge thus far; I know it’s going to be an endless learning experience! The most fun challenge, however, would be coming up with a color pallet for a collection.

5. If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead, who would it be?

The sisters of Rodarte? I’m sure everyone says that! I feel like they must dance around in a forest and braid together fabrics all day while sprinkling their gowns with fairy dust. I’d like to partake in a little of that.

6. What is your most prized possession?

Oh my, this is a tough one, maybe my Polaroids and some old photo albums that I no longer have negatives of. I also have a really amazing beaded flapper dress in my closet that I’m afraid to remove from it’s box in fear that it’s weight might tear it in half! It’s really amazing. My grandmother bought it for me.And to cap it off, a photo:

“This photo is from a beach in Oaxaca. I wish I could set up a small studio there because it’s certainly one of the most inspiring places I’ve been. I daydream about it a lot.”


Thank you to Alexandra for sharing! I love that she added her most fun challenge in there, in addition to the biggest challenge. Right on, with the positive thinking. I may add that to our roster of questions permanently. If you all think of things you want to hear from some of the creative minds we work with, please let us know here! The Questions are never set in stone.


Until next time,

‘Voices of New Orleans’ Shout Loud in New York

Excuse me if I ramble here a bit. I’ve been thinking about how I want to shape this post, and it’s hard not to sort of think back to my days as an undergrad or wax philosophical in turns. But can’t those two sit well under an umbrella together – what college student doesn’t like to get deep, man? I’ll try to keep this concise.

Anyway, the reason I write today is because I’m thinking an awful lot about the Voices of New Orleans event we have coming up in New York City on the 22nd. It brings together two publications each worth (multiple) blog posts (and then some) in their own rights, both based in New Orleans. We have our second location in New Orleans, so it makes sense to us as a company, it’s interesting beyond doubt, and attention given to the rebuilding of that great city is a worthy cause and will continue to be pretty much henceforth.

Outside of the obvious focus on the city of New Orleans itself this event will have, I am so intrigued, amped up, and downright giddy about the idea of talking about how creative communities contribute to the very soul of any city – New Orleans, New York or otherwise. It is here that these two publications highlighted at the event, How to Rebuild a City: Field Guide from a Work in Progress and Constance: Delicate Burdens, intersect. This is the stuff that makes me go all weak in the ‘profound’ knees. I myself am still early in the pages of both publications, which we sell in both spaces. Anthony could give a much better synopsis of each book cover to cover, but until I’ve reached that point myself, I’ll stick to what I know. The issue of building community and infrastructure and economy in an urban setting obviously doesn’t apply only to New Orleans, and it doesn’t apply only to cities that have seen something tragic happen to its streets and its residents in recent or not-so-recent history. It is something that anyone can learn a lesson from and apply to their own circumstance.

Cultural currency is as valuable as any other currency. Does that make Constance like a bound book of $100 bills? It is a beautifully done collection of artwork (printed on full pages in color) and prose and poems by artists and writers local to New Orleans, and includes useful bits such as their contact information. It is just begging for collaborations to be born, for conversations to start. These pages are in a sense a call to action to document and create or collect and collaborate.

A more literal call to action, the whole final quarter of How to Rebuild a City is an uplifting ode to optimism titled “Nourish and Flourish.” While earlier pages could make you weep with the stories of devastation, the last section allows you a glimpse into the many projects that have given new vitality to the city of New Orleans. Interestingly, they are almost entirely made up of cultural organizations. The value of culture in society at large is always up for debate, it is so subjective. But from parades to publications (like Constance, sited there among the rest), galleries to gardens, and held within memory banks made up of documents or videos, made by children or established film-makers, it is clear that when citizens come together to collaborate creatively and celebrate each others’ work and imaginations and cultural viewpoint, great things happen. A city rebuilds.

If these things pique your interest the way they do mine, come join us. The editors and designers of the two pubs will be there to give a short talk and answer questions. It’s far from a costume party, but I like to dress a part even if subtly when I can pull it together – not sure if I’m going to go Academic Attire in honor of my nerdy eagerness to learn something new or Bourbon Street Best in honor of Who Dat Nation.

Until next time,


Love Will Find A Way

One of the most difficult and challenging parts of our day to day is deciding upon and planning ahead on our event programming. If you have been following us for quite some time you may have noticed that things are getting more and more polished, diverse, often educational, and increasingly interesting as time passes. At least that is what we are hoping! For example, in New York, our upcoming literary event, highlighting two amazing New Orleans publications- Constance, and How to Rebuild a City- we believe will be our best yet. And please RSVP if you haven’t yet, as space is limited.

Looking forward a little further ahead, in February we are planning our second solo show for a New Orleans based artist on Chartres Street, and still seeking the theme for our next party on 88th. One idea, is a Black Swan party, obviously inspired by the movie, and obviously over the top awesome in relation to the space there if we can bring in the right instrumentation to pull it off. Also, the right make-up artist. The other idea is Mod, and inspired by the amazing design video created by this little know music group from England.

So what do you think? Black Swan or black suits? Maybe both, a combo party? Watch-out.

Alla Prossima,


An Ode to Momentum; Good Things to Come

2010 has been a good year to us at Fair Folks & a Goat. Always an adventure, sometimes more work than we could fathom, but a pleasure, an honor to be a part of, and an amazing whirlwind at even the most stressful of times. On this here blog, we were really just getting our feet wet and finding new ways to let the world know what we’re obsessing over or planning or spending our time doing.

But in the analog world, at Fair Folks New York we were already well underway with the business at the beginning of 2010. We’d spent the bulk of our time during the year perfecting our event-putting-on skills and connecting with more cool designers and artists than we can count.

We also began work on the Fair Folks New Orleans location in earnest, and opened that space in May. To think that my first time seeing that house was less than a year ago is absolutely mind-boggling to me. We’ve been so over the moon with the reception we’ve received in NOLA, and again, since opening our doors, have been connecting with the most insanely talented folks. That city is nothing if not overflowing with genuine creativity.

I’ve been thinking, even if just a bit, about what 2011 will look like personally. I’ve been writing up goals (not resolutions, goals) when I think of them… My horoscope from a while back told me that either this year or next year was or is my ‘golden year,’ but now I can’t find that write-up again so I’m not sure which. If this was my golden year, I’d believe it. But if this was just prep and next year is my golden year, well then I’m in for some amazing stuff, and my goals, I want them to support that. My biggest goal, funnily enough, is to get off the internet and make something instead. And, my goals get more specific than that, but I’m shy so that will have to suffice.

Professionally, the list of goals is just a mile long – Fair Folks has really been chugging along, and I’m SO excited to keep it going, ramp it all up, take it to the next level. We’re going to continue with the events, with the product, with building out the spaces and taking on cool collaborations. It’s all in the works, and all you have to do is check back in here or on our website (or sign up for our newsletter… or like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter) to hear more as it comes to fruition. I wanted to try to pick a favorite event or product or artwork for the year, or do some sort of countdown, but it’s just impossible. Too many good things to pit against one another.

So, here’s to you, our readers, our visitors, our friends. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. Not to mention it’s way more fun to have company along for the ride. We hope you’ve had a rockin’ holiday season, and that your New Year celebrations are as you wish them to be – whether you don’t see your bed until the sun is up on the 1st or you tuck away cozy and warm with someone or something dear to your heart. But before you go off to do that, what do your goals for the year look like?

Until next time,